Angelo Cappellini, a historic company that is well-loved, appreciated, and sought after around the world because of its refined production of classic furniture.
   Founded in 1886 in the heart of Brianza, Angelo Cappellini is a leader in the production of classic furniture and specializes in the reproduction of authentic models hailing from the major European styles such as Louis XV, Louis XVI, Regency, Empire, and Biedermeir. A dedicated line of contemporary design is testament to the fact that Angelo Cappellini's craft is not limited to classic furniture alone.
   With its classic production that is faithful to the canons of the original styles that have marked the eras of furniture over the years, the company has conquered the international markets. With a turnover of around 90% for export, Angelo Cappellini is now present on the markets in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
   Angelo Cappellini is a company that is booming. In recent years, it has significantly expanded its offices and showroom for receiving customers to more than 14,000 square meters of production and exhibition space. The increase of the company’s potential, however, did not lead it to lose its strong artisan-based quality that is founded upon the great experience and skill of its highly specialized staff.
The high quality of the products is due to the careful attention that is paid to the choice of materials and the care and professionalism with which the details, carvings, decorations, and fabrics are worked. This is the fruit of years of experience and traditional artisan secrets that have been handed down through the generations.